Dub steel Traffic

Écrit par why the a   
Vendredi, 16 Novembre 2012

Here is the first video home made by myself.

I was planning to create some video for my songs by using sometimes movies in the public domain or free licensed. And a few weeks ago I saw that  Free Music Archive and prelinger archives was organizing a contest  called "the past re-imagined as the future"


So I decided to enter the contest to test all the software included in my "Tango Studio" GNU/linux distribution

I was very interested by openshot and kdenlive but they was unusable ( audio and video jerks) so all the clips were generated with kino. But kino was inappropriate for the audio.

Fortunatly, 2 days before the deadline I updated kdenlive it was then possible to mix correctly audio and video. See the result on vimeo :


Dub Steel Traffic by why the a
is licensed under un CC-by-SA License


Prelinger archives
Steel A Symphony of Industry (1936) by Audio Productions
Business Films (1968) by Public Relations Society of America
Seeing Green (1937) by Handy (Jam) Organization

All the movies are in the Public Domain

Dub Steps by DubTerminator
is licensed under a
Creative Commons Atrribution-ShareAlike License

Operating System & Open Source Software
Tango Studio - http://tangostudio.tuxfamily.org/
Kino 1.3.4 - http://www.kinodv.org/
Kdenlive 0.9.2 - http://kdenlive.org/



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